The aim of this programme is to offer deep study on both a personal and group level, so that on completion of the training, participants, who have done the work and are certified as Council Guides by WhiteEagle Woman, are able to take these teachings outside the training circle into their daily lives, be it professional or personal.


  • Learn about your own gifts and tap into the unique nature of who you are.
  • Learn how to remove anything that stops you from living into your full potential.
  • Use the tools to respond to Life in a wholistic way, evoking creative potential within the Self, a tribe or an organization.
  • Know how to see the power and the potential danger of any given action.
  • Develop practices that evokes people’s will and ability to maintain and balance all the territories of their own lives and those that an organization or community holds.
  • Incorporate advanced leadership tools for assessment, strategy and decision-making to enable a clear, quick response to any given situation.

The Delicate Lodge Teachings

The Delicate Lodge Teachings are deeply rooted in the ancient native cultures of the Americas. According to its mythology this lineage has been evolving for 35,000 years. It flourished among the Mayans and Toltecs and those who walked before them. Later it lived in cultures like Chaco Canyon and the Mound Builders of the Mississippi Delta.

The ‘Old Ones’ who have passed down the Delicate Lodge teachings are among the many Elders from indigenous cultures around the world who are saying it is time…” time to call forth the best of our human wisdom to respond to the challenges in our world. Many of those challenges are inner ones – mirrored in our outer world. The current unprecedented upheavals in the global governance, economy and climate show us that there is much to achieve in restoring ‘right relationship’ with ourselves, each other and the planet.

This ancient wisdom contains deep understanding of how humans function – spiritually, physically, emotionally and with a courageous heart, It includes powerful practices for healing old patterns that prevent right relationship. Through working with this “bundle” of knowledge and tools, we can access the deep joy of living a full and balanced life.

The information in the bundle taught in the Council Guide Training (CGT) is held in a series of over 25 Medicine Wheels and a number of concepts in order to help people to remember, incorporate and pass it on.

Tried and tested over literally thousands of years in the lab of human interaction throughout the world, the impact and influence of the teachings is widespread – now reflected in many contemporary approaches to creating what is wanted in personal, organizational and community life.


  • We hold all of life sacred and believe in our responsibility to ensure that life on this planet will continue.
  • We hold that humans are only one part of the interactive web of life.
  • We share this web with all the plants and animals of the Mother Earth.
  • We respect each human’s right to choose her/his own destiny and to walk in his/her own self-authority.
  • We believe in the power of the Council to ensure that respect and support for all individuals is honoured and that all perspectives are heard and appreciated.
  • We believe in the Circle of Law to ensure that the humans walk in rememberance of balance and wholeness within the self, with one another, and with all of life.


Participants commit to attending all ten ceremonies and to integrate 40 specific tools and practices into their daily life.

To deepen the learning from each ceremony, participants commit to work on assignments from their teacher and guides in between ceremonies and report back.

Members of the training circle support each other in the learning.

Energy commitment during the 3-4 months between ceremonies includes a daily practice and self-reporting (about one hour a day), and bi-weekly reports to your teaching guide of one or two pages as well as regular communication with learning team partners.

Participants are required to have email and web access. We use a password protected website as the virtual space to receive assignments, post reports, share learnings and to stay connected between our face-to-face ceremony times.

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