CGT United States 11 (2018 – 2020)

Dates for the ceremony are as follows:



Ceremony 1: 09-13th May
Ceremony 2: 22-26th August
Ceremony 3: 14-18th November

Ceremony 4: 20-24th  February
Ceremony 5: 15-19th May
Ceremony 6: 21-25th August
Ceremony 7: 04-8th December

Ceremony 8: 04-08th March
Ceremony 9: to be advised (will take place in Tulum Mexico)

Further information available upon request

The ceremonies will take place on StarDance in the beautiful high desert of New Mexico. Find more information on the Stardance Webpage.
The price for this 2,5 year training is divided in three parts:


1: Tuition for the teaching
2: Accommodation
3: Web-based forum

The tuition is $10,600 for the two year programme.

The price for the venue is still to be announced.

In addition to this there’ll be a annual fee of $60 to cover the costs of the web-based forum for all the participants.

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