Eda Aydogan “Coral Thunder”

As an enthusiastic passenger in human form, CoralThunder is passionate about learning and growing herself walking the Beauty Way. She is a certified Coach with specialty in ADHD, a Council Guide and a trainee in homeopathy.
She is drawn to Medicine simply because of the sincere connection it brings to the circle of people. It is the Mindfulness way of living a rich, meaningful and a fulfilling life. Through the Delicate Lodge Teachings, she transformed all her relations, gained a new perspective for life.
For her, life itself is a training and the foundation of the wisdom of how to respond to life, lies in the hearth of Medicine.
She loves to connect with all beings, and her ultimate goal is to carry the ceremonial mind at all times.
CoralThunder is living in Ankara with her husband, 2 daughters and a granddaughter ( Coral jr )and 2 cats.

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