I’ve been looking for inner strength and empowerment for years. Since I started this journey I realized that I’ve been looking in the wrong places. This extraordinary beautiful journey gives me a New Map of my being where everything becomes immeasurably bigger.

Esra Gökce, Turkey

“Will you be sitting with us around fire?” This question changed my life. I do not know why but it was almost impossible to say “no”. Therefore, I accept the invitation. The rest is history.

There are different and wonderful seminars, trainings or workshops that bring awareness or awakening in your life but there is no journey like CGT. It is different from all of the above because first of all it is a ceremony and second of all it teaches tools and expects to use it. You are walking your talk.

Since 15 months passed I`m using the tool all the time and making a difference in my life. Now, I`m asking you: “will you be sitting with us around the fire?


Zeynep Çakıroğlu, Turkey

“I have been a personal and organisational development professional for over 15 years and CGT was the most powerful, transformational and sustainable programme I have ever participated in”

Mike, England

Since I started this journey, my life is transforming in many senses. I am now aware of how my thoughts, words and actions create my reality. This has helped me make choices in all the territories of my life, in a conscious way. I am experiencing more and more, joy, love and abundance. My connection with Life is deep, enriching and fulfilling.

Liberto Pereda, Spain

“I joined this journey some 18 months ago as Mr Andrew Broadhead, worried that in committing to walk in Beauty this might compromise my other spiritual committments – namely my Tai Chi and Buddhist practices. Now I see that to embrace the totality and beauty of who I am can never be a compromise. I am flourishing and growing through this journey, experiencing myself and life in its fullness. AND, my Tai Chi and Buddhist selfs are also flourishing in this cultured environment. There is no separartion.”

Andrew Broadhead, UK

“Having just completed CGT I can truly say it has changed my life. I am now so much more aware of me, – of how I am manifesting in the world …. And all the every day hassles (big and small) can be dealt with without such drama….. and I can deeply trust that as long as I follow my heart, all will be well.”

Diana Jacobs, England (ShiningRiver)

“The depth and the power of the teachings are outstanding, the teachers are totally authentic and truly evoke the needed qualities in all participants to help them to grow and to find balance on a sustainable level” 

Klaus, Germany

“The CGT sessions I have attended have provided me with truly usable tools for my everyday life. In particular, learning to walk with a new perspective of how to make decisions, how to listen and act with life events through new lenses. This program is a true blessing and very practical. The people you meet who have chosen this program are an added benefit as well.”

Susan B. Johnson, USA
Director, Training and Documentation
Financial Services Operations
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

“CGT changed my life! To walk life’s path from a place of beauty and appreciation is to love all that is, self and all living beings. I now know so much more about creating life experiences that come from connection and belonging – creating ease, delight and self-acceptance.

I have a new awareness and love for the power and resources of my inner world. The eloquence and clarity of this work helped me to see behavioral strategies I created to make my life work, and provided approaches to my manifesting a more engaging, powerful, deeply satisfying existence.

I am completely enamored with the Beauty Way and believe it is what will make the difference in waking an unconscious world.”

Mary Butler, USA

“For me, my restructuring involves training my consciousness to more strongly focus and ‘see’ the outcomes that I do want and to not waste time looking (visualising and then realising) the things I wish to avoid on my journey”

John, Scotland

I learned to respect my self and others. Loving life as it is. Learn from everything happening around me. To see the bad times and good as a learning opportunities. I’ve spent my life looking for answers, solutions, questions … and this year and a half I’ve seen that everything is in us. No need to look out, look within yourself and you get everything you need.

Carolina Aguado Kress, Spain

“These two years have been an amazing journey of self-discovery, transformation and healing for me, and I take away many gems:
The depth and awakening power of the tools we have been gifted; the unconditional love from our Teacher and Guides that has been holding us, challenging us in an inspiring and empowering way; the supporting heart connection that has grown between us, as we have been meeting our edges and pushing through them, celebrating our victories as we went; the constant sense of gratitude that now lives in me….

I have changed, and my life has changed (and is still changing) in wonderous ways, as I have learned to understand and use my ability to create my own life, and to take responsiblity for it in a joyfull and trusting way.”

Nathalie Petit (LightningFeather), France

CGT was for me a journey in beauty, love, consiousness, energy, and life. A journey to wholeness, within and at the Universe, that took place in a natural and loving way. Two fundamental things that I got from my experience in CGT are to appreciate the journey that I am in, by being more consious about it and about the limitless possibilities that are open at each and every moment. The second thing was about the beauty and power of being in a Tribe; this opens a whole new level of possibilities, beauty, expansion and creation. I feel in love with the Delicate Lodge Teachings, and as they live in me each and every moment, magic is created!

Alexandros Gysparis, Greece

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